Behind Her Eyes

Do you feel like there is a hole in your life in the form of a TV thriller? Same. Luckily, we think Netflix’s new drama “Behind Her Eyes” has some support. The six-part psychological drama hit the streaming platform on February 17th, and They did it. Step ahead to know all the details.


The show focuses on Louise, a single mother who works part time in a psychiatric office and starts a relationship with her new boss David (of course she does). Things get even darker when he individually befriends David’s wife, Adele. Someone thought it would work out fine?

By Netflix the series was modified and makers of The Crown from Sarah Pinborough’s bestselling fiction of 2017. The book has lots of storylines and great WTF endings. We therefore hope that this series sheds light on our group chat.
Netflix Says that Ever since her husband evacuated, Louise has earned her son a nation of their own, enabling them both labor part-time in a psychiatric department. Her world was rejected when she started having an affair with her new boss, David, and it mattered more had to be done.” which is strange when he gets involved in an amazing friendship with his wife, Adele.

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Louise is played by Simona Brown, who starred in the Channel 4 cyber drama Kiss Me First (currently available on Netflix if you need to fill in the blanks while you wait until it arrives) and BBC’s Little Girl Drummer starring Florence Pfu.

Tom Bateman plays David. He was recently seen doing good dramas at Beecham House TV and Vanity Fair. Yves Huson as Adele completes the love triangle – she played Maid Marian in Robin Hood 2018 against oldest rocket carrier Taron Egerton and can be seen in the BBC drama “Lights” on Sunday night. Meanwhile, Adele Robert’s old friend is played by Game of Thrones and Nocturnal Animals star Robert Aramayo.

Release date:

“Behind Her Eyes” will premiere on Netflix on February 17, but in the meantime, you can see the six-part series for the first time in the Chilling trailer above. Last year, when writer Sarah Pinborough said on Twitter it was slated for the “first quarter” of 2021, she also admitted she “blew me up.” So, yeah, we’re really going to block the whole weekend.

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When did NETFLIX announce Behind Her Eyes?

The film has been in preparation for some time ago. Netflix first revealed the details of the show in early 2019 and the photos will be released in late 2019 after shooting in London and Scotland. With a release date announced we thanks to the pandemic, it’s no surprise that we’ve been waiting a while, but we’re pretty sure it will be worth it.