Behind Her Eyes Season 2

Netflix’s “Behind Her Eyes” final is the weirdest turning point we’ve seen in a long time. The show’s six episode season tells a great story and manages to engage viewers in a blanket of lies (while faithfully following author Sarah Pinborough’s source material). But this ending appears out of nowhere and lands like a science fiction punch to the stomach.

If there was another season, I’d be careful out of sheer curiosity just to see where the showrunners can pick up the story once we find out that (spoiler!) Adele really is Robb and that Robb’s soul has now kidnapped Louise’s body and she’s remarried. with David. There are lots of questions and unanswered details about the characters left behind in season one, and it would be great to see some of those answers come out in the new season. Whatever new direction the show takes, here’s everything we know about Behind Her Eyes season two.

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Has It Been Renewed For The Second Season Behind Her Eyes?

Netflix released Behind Her Eyes as a limited series, meaning it was originally planned as a standalone season. Given the show’s popularity – as of February 23, it’s number 2 on Netflix’s top 10 streaming charts in the US – Netflix could order a thrilling new season. As seen on Netflix’s latest hits such as Bridgerton and Fate: The Winx Saga, the streaming giant usually waits about a month before continuing with a series update, even for noisy shows like Behind Her Eyes. Here you’ll find all the updates regarding the season update for “Behind Her Eyes”.

Is There A Second Novel Behind Her Eyes?

Author Sarah Pinborough is yet to write a sequel to her 2017 novel, which formed the basis of the Netflix series.
This suggests that Pinborough wouldn’t be involved in the writing process if showrunner Steve Lightfoot and the Netflix team wanted to make a second season. This will be completely new material – the possibilities are endless and will likely surprise anyone, even those who read the original novel.

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If Netflix does make a new season, the show could continue to tell the story of David, Adele, Rob, and Louise.
The show can also follow the route of an American Horror Story style anthology, following a new line-up of characters that overlap with the original in various ways (notably the ability to astral design and control dreams through lucid dreams). This is probably the best way to get the audience interested without going overboard in the plot of the first season. But it will be long before viewers get shocked after this ending.