Berlin Station is a contemporary spy thriller that follows CIA agent Daniel Miller, who has just arrived
at a CIA station overseas in what is now Berlin. During the first two seasons, Miller infiltrated various
organizations to extract information. It has been created by Olen Steinhauer. Unfortunately, for fans,
the third season is the last for the show. That:s it was canceled.

Cast Of Berlin Station Season 4:

Richard Armitage as Daniel Miller
Ismael Cruz Cordova as Rafael Torres
April Grace as Gemma Moore
Caroline Goodall as Kelly Frost
Claudia Michelsen as Patricia Schwartz
Antje Traue as Lana Vogel
Thomas Kretschmann as Otto Ganz
Emilia Schule as Lena Ganz
Natalia Werner as Katerina Gerhard

Storyline Of Berlin Station Season 4:

The first season of Berlin Station follows Miller’s story when he tries to uncover the source of
information through a well-known informant named Thomas Shaw. As the season progresses, straight
from Langley Miller, led by DeJean, he learns how to fight the high-stakes, often the life-threatening world
that field agents have to face when trying to complete their missions.

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In season two, which starts four months after Miller was shot at the end of season one, Miller tries to
infiltrate a far-right German political party that is believed to be planning a terrorist attack shortly
before the upcoming election.

The third season of 10 episodes lasts 11 days, and the plot follows Miller and Kirsch as they embark on a
diplomatic mission in Estonia. However, complications arise when the two find solid evidence of a secret
Russian invasion. Still, that’s not the only thing Miller struggled with.

In terms of acceptance, Berlin Station is quite popular with the public and has a rating of 7.6 / 10 on
IMDb. However, TV critics weren’t very praiseworthy about the show, and season 1 Berlin Station had a
60% score on Rotten Tomatoes. With this in mind, well-known publications such as the New York Times
and The A.V. The Berlin Station is a successful but not very original combination of espionage, action,
and sexy office intrigue.

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Berlin Station Season 4 Release Date:

The premiere of the third season of Berlin Station will take place on December 2, 2018 and end on
February 18, 2019. On March 29, 2019, Deadline announced that MGM, the owner of premium cable,
has cancelled the show.