Better Than Us Season 2


Better Than Us is one of the first Russian Netflix shows and a sci-fi epic. A second season is approaching, but with big changes, perhaps most importantly, the future of the show will be moving away from Netflix. We know that. For those unfamiliar with the show, this is very similar to Humans on Channel 4 and AMC, which run over three seasons. The show focuses on the modern technological robots the company wants.

The series offers various audio commentary, including in English, but we recommend watching it in the original Russian with English subtitles. The first season aired on Netflix outside Russia and China on August 16, 2019. Before we talk about the season update, it’s worth noting that Netflix is already technically streaming season 2. Netflix only combined the first and second seasons, initially consisting of 8 episodes each. The first season will air in late 2018. The second season starts on July 7 in Russia and runs to the end. After that, he will visit Netflix around the world.

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Did The Film “Better Than Us” been revived for season two?

Official renewal status: Renewed (last updated: 11/17/2020) More than a year after the show aired on Netflix, we knew the series would return, but it would be very different. On November 17, Variety announced that the series would be returning soon. They said that the production will be moved from Russia to China and will return for another 10 episodes. When the production was moved to a new house, the series was no longer in Russian, but in Chinese. Since the AI series was developed in China, it has a long history. Netflix’s involvement is currently unknown. Netflix is not involved in the production of the first season but only acts as an exclusive distributor. They told Variety they weren’t going to be present for the second season, but that could still mean Netflix could stop selling overseas.