Bigg boss 14

Bigg Boss 13 has been a huge commercial success and viewers won’t be disappointed to hear that season 14 will surely happen. Salmaan Khan, the “Bhai” will be returning for the 14th season. Preparations for the next season are already ongoing. The makers of Bigg Boss are making use of all their contacts to finalize the list of contestants for the upcoming season. It is still not decided which Bollywood celebs or TV stars will manage to appear on the show. But the rush is not the main thing about the preparations, the creators are aiming for a bit of change in the regulations of the show too. Fans are excited to see Salman Khan and the group of celebrities that will participate in Bigg Boss.

Here’s what we know about it.

Things are really difficult with the ongoing pandemic and it is a constant challenge to stick to schedules. Like many shows and movies, Bigg Boss has also been delayed. It seems that fans will have to hold on to their patience until September. This year, the show will be back around the end of September, sporting a tagline “Bigg Boss 14 Hoga Rocking”.

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Salman Khan is maintaining the regulations of quarantine in his Panvel farmhouse. He is tackling the shooting for Bigg Boss from there. Rumors say that the famous actor is charging a massive amount of Rs. 16 crore for each and every episode. We wouldn’t be surprised, given the enormous success Bigg boss season 13 was.
Last season was very dramatic and controversial. Even more exciting than the earlier seasons. Sidharth Shukla won the last season. AsimRiaz happened to be the runner up.

Now let’s get to the new rules

It is said that the contestants won’t be getting their payments each week. Concerning the earlier rules, the contestants used to get a commission each week. But, now they will be paid with pre-deliberate funds.
The next change in the rules is a great decision considering the pandemic that is still raging on. If any of the contestants’ temperatures are above a certain level, they might get cut-off from the show. This is for the protection of the participants. The additional steps will certainly help in preventing coronavirus.