F Is for Family

Created by stand up comedian Bill Burr and Michael Price, ‘F is for family’ is an animated American comedy sitcom series for Netflix. The series was first aired on 18th December 2015.  The second season was aired on 30th May 2017. Followed by the third season on June 28, 2017. There was an official statement of renewing of the fourth season on January 24th, 2019.

F Is for Family Plot

The story revolves around dysfunctional Irish – American families set in the era of the 1970s. The Murphy family is somewhere that is depicted as the typical family of the era. The series can also be related to the early life of Bill and Michael as they both grew in the 70s era.

The setting of the show itself is a source of humor. The characters are drawn in the series, with close resemblance of what a mediocre person of 70s would look and act like. This made the audience relate more to the characters. The comedy is completely black in the context.
The setting of the show reminds everyone who has grown in the 70s era, how confusing it was for them to decide on things to do in late life. The characters are somehow inspired by the real-life of the creator Bill.  The characters are very colourful and guarantee to make the audience laugh to sometimes inappropriate comedy as well.

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F Is for Family Season 4

The sitcom wasn’t a hit when it was initially released. It took some time for the audience to get to know about the series. Although once the audience tasted the show, they couldn’t get enough of it. That is why the 3 seasons were rolled out without much delay. The season four was officially announced by the creators on 24th January 2019.
The official trailer of season 4 was released on 28th May 2020, which captured over 3 million views within a few days.

The season is to be released on 12th June 2020 according to Netflix.


  • Bill Burr as Frank Murphy:
  • Laura Dern as Sue Murphy:
  • Justin Long as Kevin Murphy
  • Haley Reinhart as Bill Murphy
  • Debi Derryberry as Maureen Murphy
  • Sam Rockwell as Vic Reynolds
  • Jonathan Banks as William Murphy