What is Biohackers?

Given that Dark was such a success, Netflix is bringing on another German-language tv show named “Biohackers “. So,  what do we know about the upcoming show on Netflix? Read on, folks!

Everyone has heard of the term biohacking by now. Biohackers is a show which explores the concept of genetic modification. This is done from the perspective of a young University Student. Some are even calling the upcoming sci-fi show the “new Dark”. It will have a thriller narrative and our guess is most fans of “Black Mirror ” will enjoy it. Jake Coburn and Christian Ditter are the executive producers of the sci-fi thriller. The team of producers has Jakob Claussen and Ulrike Putz.

When will Biohackers release?

As per reports, it is known that the streaming platform Netflix will be releasing the show “Biohackers ” on 20th August.  The thriller series will be a Netflix Original so the viewers might expect to see it at 8 am BST or midnight PST. The show will have six episodes in its Season 1. They will be available all at once so the viewers can binge it at the same time! Christian Ditter has written the series. Funnily enough, he has also directed a couple of episodes.

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Who will be in “Biohackers “?

The university student will be the protagonist and she will be played by Luna Wedler. Her character’s name is Mia and by the looks of it, she may be hiding a secret. “Biohackers” will have Jessica Schwarz, who will play Mia’s professor Lorenz. Adrian Julius Tillmann will be playing a fellow university student.

In addition to these main characters, the cast will include Thomas Penn, Sebastian Jakob Doppelbauer, and Jing Xiang. The team will also have Caro Cult as Mia’s roommate. The actress has said that her character may be one of the people on the show who is not interested in biohacking. She describes Mia as free and confident and her character will bring a liberal feminist vibe to the series.