Dylan Moran and Graham Linehan have created a situational comedy called Black Books. The show is written by Moran, Kevin Cecil, and Andy Riley as well as Arthur Mathews and Linehan. There are only three seasons of Black Books till now. The first season made a debut in 2000. This show is about a bookshop named “Black Books” which is situated in London. The three main characters in the show happen to be the bookshop owner, named Bernard Black, and his helper, Manny Bianco, and their mutual friend Fran Katzenjammer. Big Talk Productions has produced this show, along with Channel 4. Most of the show is filmed in Teddington, which is located in London. The final episode of the third season was released on 15th April 2004. The show was immensely praised by the critics and even won many awards. Black Books has won the BAFTA Awards for best sitcom comedy as well as the Bronze Rose given at Festival Rose d’Or. The show has 18 episodes in total with each episode spanning for about 25 minutes.

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What is the story about?

The show is centered around the misanthropic owner of the bookshop “Black Books”. He seems to hate everyone in the “outside” world except for his best friend Fran. Fran runs a trendy shop named “Nifty Gifty” right next to the bookshop. Even though Bernard is the owner of a bookshop, he does not possess extensive knowledge about retail per se, rather he spends most of his time drinking or reading. He also tries his best to avoids every possible form of interaction even deeming it appropriate to ignore his customers. Along with his general dislike towards people, he seems to hate his customers more, who treats his beloved bookshop as their personal library. Ironically, his best friend Fran happens to be a hopeless romantic. It is implied in the show that Fran and Bernard may have slept together some time, but have decided to remain friends rather than romantic partners.

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Will there be another season of Black Books?

Unfortunately, fans will have to remain content with only three seasons. Creator Dylan Moran has made it clear that there will be no further seasons of Black Books. But all the three seasons will be available for streaming on Netflix starting 1st September.