Black Butler Season 3

Black Butler Season 3

Black Butler is a sequence of anime altered by Yana Toboso of the same manga series. Directed by the A-1 pictures of Toshiya Shinohara, Black Butler follows Sebastian Michaelis’ adventure, a demon-butler obliged to serve Ciel Phantomhive, the young head of the noble family in Phantomhive, on account to a contract he has entered into.

The animation adaptation of the series has been confirmed by Gakkens magazine Animedia on the 11th of July 2008, and the official anime website began to show an anime trailer on the 26th of July 2008. Aniplex released two DVD compilations. The first was compiled on 21 January 2009 and the second was compiled on 25 February 2009. 

Black Butler (& 2 We caught up with): 2 things we loved in the show.

Since its first appearance in 2006, Black Butler has always been a favorite fan, so many manga artists and fan2artists alike have parodied its manga coverings. An anime soon emerged in 2008 with such high popularity. The anime has expected good ratings and was aired in 2010 for the second season. However, because of its completely original (and terrible) script, the second season was not too good for its fans. This was fixed in the third season of the series, published in 2014 and titled Circus book: Kuroshit suji Since that time the series has seen the appearance of several OVAs, and a film, so it goes without saying that fans have had time and reasons for the whole series.

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It is not like the episodes themselves were wrong, but it is about introducing characters that should never be seen again. It’s not as if the episodes were wrong but the point was not only that they didn’t add anything to the anime itself, but introduced characters that could never be seen again. It was not only that but also that there was no sense when manga had enough material to adapt to more episodes to create original Filler episodes.

Besides its authenticity, anime art has received special praise. One could see clearly that the studio had a decent budget because the animation was stunning, especially when the sequences between Sebastian and the shinigamis were highlighted.

It’s how terrible the second season if there is unanimous agreement among Black Butler fans. Everything was cooked by the studio from its non-canon episodes to the non-canon characters, and fans were not so timid when they pointed that they were doing quite a horrible job of it. This can be proven by the absence of a single character (especially his opponents, Alois and Claude) from the second season from the fans.