This adventure centric manga is created by Yuki Tabata. He has written and illustrated the manga series. Fans of Black Clover know that the story is focused on a boy named Asta. He appears to have been born without any special magical powers. This is a strange incident in the world that Asta inhabits. With the help of his fellow mages in Black Bulls, Asta hopes to become the Wizard King someday. There is also an animation series that is based on the manga. The manga is published by Shueisha.

What is the story about?

As mentioned above the manga is focused on Asta. He was a young orphan who was unfortunately abandoned at birth at the doorstep of an orphanage. But he was not the only one. He was accompanied by fellow orphan Yuno. Everyone else in Asta’s world is capable of using magic but Asta seems sot be born without this common power. He resorts to physical training thinking that it will help in getting him magical powers. On the other side, Yuno was born with exceptional magical abilities. He was considered a prodigy because he has the brilliant ability to control wind magic. Asta and Yuno both harbor the desire to become the Wizard Kind, which is a prestigious occupation that is only second in rank to the King himself. The two youths engage in some sort of a friendly rivalry in terms of their similar goals.

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The story takes an interesting turn when Asta comes in possession of a five leafed clover. No one can identify the said clover but the leaf possesses rare magic. After this incident, both Asta and Yuno join the squad of the Magic Knight to step closer to their ultimate ambition. The manga takes readers on various adventures with Asta as he goes about trying to make a name for himself.

When will the 263 chapter be released?

Good news for the fans as the wait is almost over. Chapter 263 of the beloved manga will release on 6th September. Fans will be able to enjoy the continuation of the story on this Sunday. The new chapter will be available on Manga Plus and Viz Media’s Jump page.