Black Clover Episode 147

The Japanese manga series “Black Clover” was written and illustrated by Yuki Tabata which is a battle action Shonen manga. The plot concentrates around a boy named Asta who was born without any magical powers which are uncommon in the place where he lives in.

Black Clover Episode 147

Black Clover Episode 147 was scheduled to be premiered on 13th October 2020. Episode 147 is titled “Death”. The timing for the release date of the upcoming episode will differ according to the region where you live. And in Japan, it will release at 6:25 p.m.

Major Characters:

• Asta
• Yuno
• Owen
• Wizard King
• Noelle Shira
• House Kira
• Black Bull Squad
• Golden Dawn Squad

The Plotline of Episode 147 of Black Clover will be:

To reveal the truth about the Devil Banishers Kabwe has made a relation with the Magic Knights. He said to them that they don’t want to murder the devil hosts, they just want to gain the powers.
They said that they were the devil adoration hours, not devil banishers, and they support the devil. Before that occurred, one of the Devil Believers was wounded, blocking the attack which was coming from Yuno.
She was doing all this so that they can flee from the grimoire. Kabwe wanted to murder Nero, but Dazu said to him it is not the time. The devil lives in the five-leaf clover Kabwe said and he decides that they must throw it away.

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The Story of Previous Episode 146 of Black Clover is:

The units of devil believers start declining, and Kabwe said that he would never in someone who uses illegal magic. He found that Dazu is the one who fools him and others. And she took Asta’s grimoire as they are Devil Believers. They told them that they are devil believers and worship the devil. They said their true identity by showing the symbol of their group. They also disclosed that they wanted to take advantage of Kabwe’s hatred towards them. She is the one in the group who can’t use magic so she said that she also wanted to use magic. And can feel the pain when people taunt her.
Dazu told Kabwe about her awful past when she was young. But Dazu did not believe in them and said that they want to attain devil power just like Asta. One of the devil believers used the magic and made Kabwe senseless for a while, and when he wakes up, he sends a message to the clover kingdom. He apologizes in that letter.