Black Clover Episode 158

Yuki Tabata Black Clover is a Japanese Magna series. It was originally released on February 16, 2015. This TV anime premiered on October 3, 2017 and has completed 137 episodes. The latest episode is out, so read on for details.

Black Clover episode 158 release date

Faster! A new episode has come. Episode 158 will be releasing today, January 5, 2021.


Do you need a spoiler? Important last episode with many surprises. We will see a new version of Asta after training with Gaia. In addition, the Spade Kingdom will have new goals. It has a new twist, namely the Kingdom of Spade, which fights against the Clover Kingdom. Candela has a powerful group of people. So the King of Spades soldiers are seen stealing magic from these mighty people.

At the same time it can be seen that Asta is becoming a powerful demon. This is the result of Asta’s hard work during training. His evil regime is revealed in the fight against the kingdom of spades. The Spade Kingdom wins the Diamond Kingdom and prepares to conquer a Clover or Heart Heart. On the other hand, Lucky Voltia from Black Bulls and Leopold Vermilion of the Purple Lion are ready to meet the royal princess Lolopechka. So the episode looks like the complete package.

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Where can you see it??

Black Clover episode 158 airs today. You can watch episodes in the Japanese version with English subtitles. It will premiere on Crunchyroll. However, if you don’t have your reward, wait until January 12 to see it for free. Go find a watch.

Previously in episode 157 of The Black Clover

Gaja reveals that the Lucks are training with other Spirit Keepers for the day. Asta says now is her chance to meet him again. Gadja agrees and tells Asta that he has to answer his question first. Gadja reveals, since Asta doesn’t have magic, his existence is quite abnormal, even among those on the secret stage. He also admitted that he was impressed by Asta’s improvement. As Asta increases his strength, Gaia asks about his life and the devil living in the dressing room.

Asta reveals his past when he was taken to an orphanage in Hage village with Juno. Time flies and Asta is always after Sister Lily. All the time he asked Lily to marry him, but he kept getting punished for it. She explains how she can’t use magic and how other people bother her because she doesn’t have magic. Juno was a super handsome genius back then.

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He is always one step behind Asta who always tries to support him. This is the time when the two of them challenge each other to see who will become the magician king first.