Black Clover Episode 159

We’ve returned from a week-long vacation with this new anime development. Let’s find out what we have here. In the episode black clover. An unknown man tried to pass through the powerful realm of magic before his mana ran out. The mountain wolf started attacking him, but he managed to grab a stick and fight back. She decided she wouldn’t die in a place like this before telling her. Meanwhile, in Kindom Diamond, the citizens are held hostage by walking robots and where they have been sucked in.

Candelo reveals that it only takes half of the civilian population to survive until they leave the mighty magical realm. He also said that life energy contained mana and they should get every last drop of mana from civilians, even if it came from a child. Undine appeared in a nearby pond and saw a large mobile fortress. Meanwhile, in the kingdom of hearts, magical knights are summoned by the queen.

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Black Clover Episode 159 Release Date

Episode 159 of The Black Clover will be released on Tuesday, January 12, 2021 at 6:25 p.m. JST. To get episodes as soon as they’re released, you can change the local time. Watch the anime officially on Crunchyroll, Funimation, and Netflix.

Previously on Black Clover 158

Loropechika reveals that the Spade Kindom army will soon reach the limits of their kingdom. Gadja reveals that the Kingdom of Spades has largely taken over the Diamond Kingdom over the past six months. Now they are advancing to the clover kingdom and the heat kingdom. Leopold added that they were ready to attack, but that the enemy was one step further. Luck says he’s ready to fight at any time, and Loropechika orders them to catch the enemy.
He reveals that the current power of the King of Spades is in a strong magic realm. Finn added that he suggested timing was very important. He also believed that when they got closer to the enemy, it would be easier to fight them off. Mimosa believes that when they reach their limit, when they pass through a strong magical realm, they will become weak. He suggested that they would meet him better at this point.

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Movable fortress

Loropechika reveals that using a mobile fortress to get past the powerful realms of magic won’t weaken them. He reveals that they are using weaker civilians than their kingdom by siphoning off their mana thereby increasing their strength and damage. Asta is impatient and, with the help of a broom, flies to the mobile fortress. Meanwhile, thugs from the Spade Kingdom want to take the little girls to the mobile fort so that their manna can be sucked in.
The ladies ask the bad guys to stop saying they are still kids. The man cast a powerful spell and turned his hands into steel. He caught a woman trying to protect young children by asking if she had the courage to answer. The man started to abuse the woman and her husband wanted to retaliate, but another evil man intervened. This man wanted this beautiful woman to lose her honor.