Black Clover Episode 164

“Heart Kingdom Battlefield” is the title of Black Clover episode 164. Black Clover is nearing the end of its series and only seven episodes have aired before they are finished. As a result, the Kingdom of Spade’s battles become more intense with each episode. Fans have seen too much in the past two weeks, including Asta’s violent regime and Yami and Dante’s fight.

However, the Dark Triad members were far from being defeated. Yami and Asta face enemies that are even stronger than Spiritual Guards. Will they be able to defeat them and avenge the deaths of their comrades? Only future episodes will tell. When will it be broadcast? Check out the latest details here.

Black Clover Episode 164: Plot Recap and Details:

The reviews for the next BC episode are out. In it, fans can see Dante Zogratis excited because he will face stronger enemies. He says to beat all enemies when they relax. Asta lies in front of him and is angry. However, it seems that Charmi, another Black Bull member, will next fight Dante.
Based on the spoilers of Black Clover episode 164, fans will be watching the sequels to Battle of Yami and Dante. Yami even managed to attack Dante. However, he was brought to life with his extraordinary skills. Together with Charmie, Leopold and Crimson will join the fight to save hearts. And that means fans will see another intense fight next week.

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Black Clover Chapter 163 Recap:

The previous Black Clover episode was one of his best. There are many wow moments. It starts with a Gray background. Viewers have to watch her evil step-sister and stepmother torment her. After Gauche left his house, he was the one who saved him and now he is lying dead in front of him. With a furious rage, Gray manages to unlock new magical abilities and heal Gaucher.
In the second half, Yami and Final go on stage. Yami then fights against Dante, the strongest enemy he has ever met. He did a great job and finally managed to beat Dante with his new technique. However, Dante also has some extraordinary skills.

Black Clover Episode 164: Release Date:

Fans are both sad and excited about the latest anime episode. Black Clover Episode 164 will be released on Tuesday, February 16, 2021. The new episode can be streamed on Crunchyroll.