Black Clover Episode 166

The title of Black Clover Episode 166 is “Captain Yami Sukehiro”. The title itself shows the plot of the next episode. Yami Sukehiro, the captain of the Black Bulls, will fight against the strongest member of the Dark Triad, Dante Zogratis. This time, Asta will also support the captain in his battle. That’s why fans are looking forward to the next episode of the anime series.

At the end of the series, only five episodes remain. So fans can expect all the other episodes to be full of intense action. The next episode will start the final phase of the Peak Kingdom War. Hence, from now on the battle will be decisive and everyone will come out completely. When will the next anime episode come out? Read on to find out.

Black Clover Episode 165: Plot Recap and Details:

Noelle, Lolopechka, and Secre will continue their fight with Vanica Zogratis, who is one of the most senior demons known as Megicula. They will unite against Vanika. Meanwhile, the second half between Dante and Asta also begins with “Hiding the Black Bulls”. The title indicates that the next episode will focus on Yami Sukehiro. It can push its own limits and amaze anyone within it.
The preview of Black Clover episode 165 implies the same thing. Yami promises never to give up, so this time he will fight harder than ever. Asta will also take part in this battle and this can change the outcome of this battle. Either way, viewers are guaranteed to see one of the most action-packed episodes of next week.

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About Previous Episode 165:

In “Black Clover”, 165 viewers see Vanika conquering Lolopechka. He reveals that he’s been cursed. Noel was furious about the situation. However, they still couldn’t beat the Dark Disciples. That’s why Noele took Sikre and Lolopechka to handle Vanika. Meanwhile, the audience watched as the battle between Dante and Yami continued. However, Dante dominated the entire battle and also managed to deliver a powerful punch. At the end of the episode, with the help of a spell from Secre, they managed to seal Megicula’s power in Vanica.

Black Clover Episode 166: Release Date:

Fans are curious to wait for the next episode of the anime as it will feature some incredible battles. Asta and Yami will do their best in the fight against Dante. Black Clover Episode 166 is out on Tuesday, March 2, 2021.