Black Summer Season 2

Black Summer is the world’s famous web TV series by John Hyams and Karl Schaefer. Saison 1, which consists of 8 episodes, was launched in April 2019. The first Netflix series. The series has moderate critical approval. Season 2 is highly anticipated for the public. The creators renovated the season 2 series with a total of eight events in November 2019.

All the details about Season 2!

The creators originally planned a release in 2020, but the planned situation has decreased. The international pandemic forced the creators to stop the series. Now, the audience can expect it in 2021, but until official announcements have been made nothing can be confirmed.

In their Twitter account of the season 2, Jaime King, one of the leading casts, expressed her satisfaction. Jaime will produce the show according to reports.

The filming takes place again in Calgary, Canada, which the creator in his Twitter account has confirmed. Also in season 2, the previous cast is coming back. The new cast is not confirmed. There is not even much detail on the new season plot. It will be necessary for the audience to wait for further notifications.

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Season 2 gets back on track

Production started very early this year for season 2. The coronavirus outbreak, however, stopped the filming, as did the other TV and film productions. When the production team postponed the series in March, they intended to resume shooting in April. Black Summer 2 is now shooting in Canada as a matter of writing. What’s on Netflix confirms the shooting after the production team was able to see one lucky fan in action.

A quick look at the plotline of Black Summer

The Asylum produced the series, and Hyams and Abram Cox were the authors and directors of the series. Most of the shooting took place in Calgary, Alberta, Canada. She marks a difficult journey without stopping anywhere to find her daughter. She’s brave of a hostile new world. She makes brutal decisions during the deadliest summer of the zombie apocalypse. She joins strangers in finding her daughter.