Blackpink: Light Up the Sky

Thanks to Netflix, Blackpink is officially going to be in your area! With their brand new documentary, BLACKPINK: Light Up The Sky, the K-Pop superstars are going back to the beginning. They are ready to share their story with special looks never seen before, from their training to their debut and even their latest comeback album, which will make any fan excited.

So, you certainly don’t want to lose it, whether you’ve just gotten into them with their shiny latest album, or you’ve been a blink for a while now. Here’s all it takes to watch BLACKPINK: Light Up the Sky.

Where will it be available?

Fans will only be able to watch BLACKPINK: Light Up the Sky on the streaming service because it is a Netflix original.

When will it premiere?

Starting at 12:00 AM PT / 3:00 AM ET on October 14, 2020, people will be able to click play to view the film. The movie’s run time is 1h 19 m, according to Netflix, making it a super-fast binge. So if you plan to get up at launch, you’ll still be able to catch up afterward with some sleep.

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What will be the plotline of the documentary?

From hosting sold-out world tours to becoming the first female Korean band to perform at Coachella, as BLACKPINK strives to achieve new heights in their career. Each performer focuses on the ups and downs of success and the long, sometimes challenging road that led them to worldwide success. BLACKPINK: Light Up the Sky Reveals the foursome’s related, unfiltered sides, who continue to be a leading force in expanding the popularity of K-pop, proving that music knows no boundaries or barriers to language.

Behind the scenes!

Netflix and Blackpink have announced the premiere of Blackpink: Light Up the Sky on their social media accounts on September 8, 2020. Profile icons of all four Blackpink members will be made available on Netflix upon the release of the film on October 14th.