Bloodride Season 2

Kjetil Indregard and Atle Knudsen have created the anthology series named “Bloodride”. The series focuses on a bus driver as he drives around the city in the middle of the night. The story is about each passenger that exits the bus and the plot of every episode centers around him or her. The show has only one season till now with six episodes. Each episode has a runtime of about 27 to half an hour. season 1 has already been released on 13th March 2020. The show has been praised very much both by the critics and the general audience. This Norwegian horror has managed to get rave reviews and fans are already curious about the continuation of this anthology series. The twists in the plot and the dark humor give “Bloodride” an edge, and season 2 will not disappoint.

What about season 2?

Bloodride is made after an anthology format that is very flexible. It has the scope for many seasons. Shows like Black mirror and Criminal follow similar formats. Furthermore, the attraction that this Norwegian show has established amongst the fans cannot be denied. If the show is renewed, which it should, the second season should be here by March of next year.

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Is there a trailer?

There is no official trailer for blood ride season 2 yet. Neither is there a confirmation about its renewal status. For those who haven’t watched season one yet, they can watch the trailer for the first installment and give this series a try. Each episode has a gruesome story.

Who is in the cast of Bloodride?

Each episode of the “Bloodride” series can be treated as a separate story so there can be no specific cast as such. In season 1, we saw Ine Marie Wilmann, Emma Spetalen Magnusson, Bjornar Teigen, Benjamin Helstad, and many others. But it is unlikely that they will be returning for season 2 if it even happens. The second season of “Bloodride” will probably have new actors and unrelated stories. The fans keep on waiting for these tongue-in-cheek horror stories in an absurd universe.