Bob's Burgers Season 11

Loren Bouchard has created the sitcom series called Bob’s Burgers for the Fox Broadcasting Company. The reviews for the first season were not all good, but the show has managed to survive for 10 seasons. The reviews began to improve for season 2 and the critics thought that the show was slowly reaching its potential. There is even a comic book based on the show Bob’s Burgers. Dynamite Entertainment published it in September 2014. By Season 3, the show had received an A grade from Entertainment Weekly and was also called a rare comedy show done very well.

What is the story about?

The Belcher family, comprised of Bob, Linda(wife), and their three children, runs a burger joint. There is no specific name for the location but the creator Loren Bouchard has said that he had modeled the place after San Francisco among other places. The location also bears resemblance to Southern New Jersey. The show tells us the story of Bob’s Burgers and his main rival Jimmy Presto who owns a restaurant named “Jimmy Presto’s Pizzeria”. Bob’s Burgers also has e few faithful customers like Mort from the crematorium and Teddy, a handyman. The show also devotes some episodes to the escapades of Bob’s children. The series also uses different musical numbers for the closing sequence of each episode.
The show has maintained steady popularity and it doesn’t seem like Bob will close his shop anytime soon.

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When will the next season come out?

It is announced on May 17th that the next season (Season 11) is absolutely going to happen. The production work for the new season is already on the way. While there is no official date for the release, past experience shows that the show’s new seasons generally premieres around the fall of every year. Keeping that schedule in mind, season 11 might release around September or October of this year. But that’s not all of the good news, Bob’s Burgers will also have a movie that will probably release next year.