Boku Na My Hero Academia

Hi friends, in this post, we will discuss Boku No My Hero Academia Chapter 293. We have included the details of the Boku No My Hero Academia Chapter 293 release date and where to officially read it. With unexpected twists and turns, the Manga series My Hero Academia managed to create a commotion among the fans. And they couldn’t help but continue. Here are some of the notable events of the past –
• Dabi’s true identity is finally revealed. According to information, Dabi’s real name is “Touya” and is Endeavor’s first child/son.
• Endeavor is the one who killed the Hawks’ parents.
• The best Jeanist is back on duty too.
• Shoto vs. Dabi
• Best Jeanist vs. Gigantomachia
• Return of Lemillion.

Recap Of Chapter 292

This chapter begins with Jeanist jumping out of the plane into the battle zone. She immediately tied everyone with her palm fiber and held the Gigantomachia. Chapter 292 also reveals that Gigantomachia is helpless until she takes orders from Shigaraki. That’s when Dabi burned the fibers and struggled with Shoto. On the other hand, the modified Nomus moves towards Shigaraki, making the situation even more difficult for the character than before. In addition, Deku couldn’t move but wanted to help jeanist focus on holding Machia without being distracted. Deku schemes to use a black whip with a swimmer, but his body refuses. This chapter ends when Lemillion suddenly appears from the floor and saves Deku.

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Chapter 293 Release Date

According to information, there has been no update on the delay of MHA 293. As scheduled, My Hero Academia Chapter 293 will be published in the 52nd Weekly Shounen Jump Issue on December 6, 2020. Every Monday / Sunday a new chapter appears.

Major Raw Scans & Spoilers of Chapter 293

There are currently no updates regarding spoiler releases or raw scans in Chapter 293. My Hero Academia. According to our sources, a raw scan from Manga “Boku No My Hero Academia” Chapter 293 will be released on December 3rd, 2020.

Where can you read this manga??

All the manga heads of Boku No My Hero Academia are available free from Viz Media. So you can read “Boku No My Hero Academia” Manga Chapter 293 on the above platform. So that’s all for today in this blog on Manga Boku No My Hero Academia Chapter 293 Release Date: Lemillion is back !!!
I hope you liked it..