Bonding Season 2

Will Netflix’s second hit “Bonding” return for a second season? Here’s all we know so far! This short series is unique to Netflix in that each episode is measured in just 15 minutes. The first season landed on Netflix in April 2019 to critical acclaim. Seven episodes were made for the first season, and for the most part, only lasted one afternoon, so the wait for the next wave was long.
Netflix’s new show “Bonding” is quite a surprise. Personally, I didn’t know about it and it crashed just days after the trailer. We didn’t have time to get ready and all those 17-minute episodes were pretty full. It was a fun, enjoyable, emotional show that I would like to see more of.

At the event, we met two old friends from high school who met after years of separation. One of them is a dominatrix and asks the others to be bodyguards. He has huge potential for a second season and I’m definitely looking forward to it. But will Netflix continue the show or ignore it? Let’s explore.

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Season 2 Renewal status

Good news guys! Netflix officially renewed its second season bonds on January 16, 2020. “We are very proud or excited to bring you another chapter in Tiff & Pete’s history with Season 2,” the showrunner Rightor Doyle said. Also, we are delighted to be laboring with the BDSM neighborhood to make this season prosperous and more fascinating than always. Thanks to Netflix and you, our viewers around the world, you have forgotten all of our shows. We are so grateful that you love, look, and see more. “See you again with more ties!”

Release Date Season 2

After a year of excitement, we are happy to announce that a new series will be released on January 27, 2021!


We can expect the players from the first season to reprise their roles. They include:
• Zoe Levin as Tiff (Tiffany Chester)
• Brendan Scannell as Pete
• Alex Hurt as Frank
• Mika Stock as Doug
• Theo Stockman as Josh
• D’Arcy Carden as Daphne
• Stephanie Styles as Kate
• Eric Berryman as Andy
• Gabriel Ryan as Portia
• Charles Gould as Fred
• Matthew Wilcas as Rolf
• Jade Allison is like a cat
• Alicia Umfres as Murphy
• Amy Bettina as Chelsea
• Stephen Reich as Trevor

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Anticipated Plotline

Season 2 shows that Typhus and Pete have been banned from every dungeon in New York with a ruined reputation. They seem to attend a new generation school for BDSM where Tiff and Pete will learn how to be the perfect duo, but it seems that their friendship is being tested with Pete, who doesn’t take his role seriously enough.