Boruto Chapter 53


Boruto Update Chapter 53: We All Wonder What We Can See In Boruto Chapter 53. Manga fans speculate that he will be able to overcome Momoshiki’s stance and Ishiki’s plan to use Boruto as a victim, making the season focused on Boruto. It is believed that Naruto will die in Chapter 53 Boruto and take Ishiki to save everyone. Another school believes that Boruto would not have made his father die so easily. He unlocks new powers such as Jougan and Momoshiki that can control him to defeat Ishiki.

Plot Suggestions

Thus, the plot can revolve around the death of Sasuke or Naruto. However, so far nothing has been reported about this new chapter. We believe Momoshiki already knows of Ishiki’s plans to use Boruto, especially Momoshiki, as a ten-line sacrifice to grow sour trees.
We saw the previous chapter of Ishiki, which stated that after Naruto activated the new Barion Mode, his lifespan was reduced to 10 minutes. However, at the time of Ishiki’s death, he took Kawaki to another level. Therefore, we hope Isshiki can make Kawaki his ship in Chapter 53. The reason is that Kawaki with a dagger mark was spotted on the spot before the first chapter of this series.

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This chapter 53 is expected to lead Momoshiki into the battle between Ishiki and Naruto. It’s interesting to see who will benefit from his appearance.

Production and Scriptwriting of the show

According to what announcements and assumptions indicate, Masashi Kishimoto will seize toll of the scriptwriting of the Boruto Manga starting from Boruto Chapter 53. As Ukyo Kodachi has declared his withdrawal from the stance of the scriptwriter for the Manga some time around himself.

When will Boruto Chapter 53 be released?

Boruto Chapter 53 will be released on December 17th or 18th this year. Two or three days before we can see the raw scans of its original release.