Boruto Episode 174

Victor welcomes his lord, who told him that Boruto and Sarada, a village, need not be formal. The guards asked them if they had received their entry pass and Boruto said yes. After verifying their names on the list, they allowed the two to enter the village. On his way to Boruto Sarada told Konohamaru that they were at the top level of the building while in the middle of his mission beneath them.

Sarada asks if Boruto is not worried, Boruto says since before he gets wounded he doesn’t want to rush things. Boruto is concerned about not fulfilling her promise and forced Mrs. Miya to bring Mr. Antoka home. Both of them reach the first level by lift and met Mrs. Mia. Ms. Mia said she was waiting for them. In the meantime, Miyuki is still in the treatment of Boruto and others.

Boruto Episode 174: Premiere and Streaming Service

The 174 episodes will be published on Sunday, 15 November 2020, at 5:30 PM JST. In addition, it will be published every Sunday at 5:30 pm. Officially on Crunchyroll, you can watch this Anime. This post may include spoilers from episode 174 when you continue. See more updates below. See more.

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Boruto Episode 173: Recap

Orochimaru got in and said he had good news for Mitsuki. He told him that the cultivated organs are doing well and can be transplanted within a month. Mitsuki asks whether he says for one month he can’t move. Orochi answers that Mistuki can die if the tube is removed and that is the state in which he is present. He told him not to worry about his friend and concentrate on his health. Mitsuki excuses for all the trouble.

Kabuto would talk with Miyuki nonsense to his friends, and Orochimaru would cover his hand on Kabuto’s mouth. He told him he’s in the middle of the test and he shouldn’t try to ruin his talk. Mitsuki wanted to join Team 7, but they forbid him because it is a health hazard. He was injected with a sleeping medicine because he wanted his way out. In the meantime, Victor and his lord are inside and Victor said their company is great, so he is in town to observe the buildings.

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The lord reveals that the Hidden Leaf claims the stolen Hashirama cell and makes him investigate. You used it well to treat incurable diseases and the lord showed something in the tube asking what it was. Victor said it’s their research’s cornerstone.