Bottom Tier Character Tomozaki Episode 2

This is a rom-com anime based on the Japanese light series by Yūki Yaku and Fly. The story revolves around two opposing people. Shy and lonely, Tomozaki would rather spend hours playing games than talking to other people. Hinami now seems to have lots of friends. He is very popular and knows what he wants. Aoi realizes that Fumiya is “Nanashi”, the mysterious player who has the highest score in the “Raid Family”. Despite his countless efforts, he couldn’t beat it. Hinami decided to help Fumia and make her famous.

Bottom Tier Character Tomosaki Episode 2

In October 2019, Yuki Yaku announced an anime adaptation of his light novel of the same title. It was later announced that the series would have 12 episodes.
The director is Shinsuke Yanagi, along with Fumihiko Shimo who is the author. Project № 9 Studios is responsible for the production of tomozaki from the lower layers. Here’s everything you need to know about Tomozaki from the Episode 2 character below.

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Release Date

On January 15, 2021, Lower Level Character Tomozaki Episode 2 will be released. Don’t forget to change the publication date according to where you live.

Where can you watch Bottom Tier Character Tomozaki from Episode 2 online?

All the episodes in the bottom row will be available on Funimation, AnimeLab when they are released in Japan. However, recent episodes require a premium account so you can track those attacks once they are released. Viewers in Japan can also watch Netflix anime.

Bottom Tier Character Tomozaki Episode 2 Summary

Fumia is a loner who thinks the Attack Family is the all-time perfect game. The game is constantly trying to reward you for the effort you put in. In his opinion, real life is like a poorly constructed game that he hates more than anything.

However, this started to change as he spent more and more time on hanami. Slowly but surely, his life began to change and he loved to live his life. It filled Tomozaki with confidence in his life, which kept him away from his loneliness. Fumia started spending money on her fashionable looks and clothes.