Braxton Family Values Season 7

An American Reality Television Series “Braxton Family Values” was produced by the Braxton family that airs on We TV. The series chronicles the existence of the Braxton Sisters namely Toni, Tamar, Towanda, Traci, Trina, and their mother, Evelyn. The shows go back entirely a few years that is in January 2011. We TV declared that it had signed on American singer-songwriter Toni Braxton for a show titled “Braxton Family Values” which is billed as one of its flagship shows.

Thereafter, on April 12, 2011, the first season premiered and had received positive reviews by the analysts and viewers.  Additionally, the viewership and ratings which the show developed were thrice that of We TVs average back then. Therefore, We TV spent no time in renewing the show, which returns for its second season on 10 November 2011. Till now, a total of six seasons has been released and to fans delight, Season 7 has been renewed.

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Released Date of Season 7

Season 7 of “Braxton Family Values” was set to hit the screen on We TV on 5th November 2020. Also, the fans are admiring whether the series will return for the eighth season or not.

About the show

The series concentrates on the sisters and their mother as they handle numerous issues which occur in their lives. The sisters not only have to handle the highs and lows of life. But also they have to equalize their careers with their confused relationships with their husbands. Also, they deal with periodic family tensions which result out to be weakened relationships with each other. The show is mixed with some hilarity and fun.

Cast Members of “Braxton Family Values”

Being a reality show, the series revolves around the Braxton family. Therefore, the main cast members are the members of the Braxton Family. Which includes
• Toni Michelle Braxton
• Traci Renee Braxton
• Towanda Chloe Braxton
• Trina Evette Braxton
• Tamar Estine Braxton
• Evelyn “Ms. E.” Braxton
• Vincent Herbert
• Andre Carter
• Gabe Solis
• Keri Lewis
• Kevin Surratt Sr.
• Logan Herbert and many more…

The show “Braxton Family Values” has earned favorable reviews from reviewers and has been recognized as a “guilty pleasure” by several agencies portals. Also the fourth was the most-watched season with 1.5 million total viewers. Which is 8% up correlated to the previous seasons.