Bihar 2021 Board Exam

BSEB Board  2021: Class 12 Bihar Board Student, are you ready for the test? All Class 12 BSEB exams started.

BSEB Board 2021: Class 12 Bihar Board Student, are you ready for the test? The 12th class BSEB exam starts tomorrow. The exams will take place at various test centers across the state from February 1 to February 13, 2021. Candidates preparing for the exam are asked to keep their entry card as it is one of the most important documents they need to keep in the exam room.

Admission tickets were released by the board two weeks ago for applicants to download from the official site – The board has also put out various guidelines for candidates and observers to follow. Check out some of the lists of guidelines below here:

BSEB Class 12 Guideline 1:

Candidates who take the exam must wear a disinfectant and face mask from the entrance to exit during the exam.

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BSEB Class 12 Guideline 2:

All students present can enter the test center up to 10 minutes before the exam starts.

BSEB Class 12 Guideline 3:

Students should note that they are only allowed to take the exam in sandals. Using closed shoes and socks is strictly prohibited.

BSEB Guideline 4 for Class 12:

Article 144 applies to investigative bodies and the entry of unauthorized personnel is prohibited.

BSEB 5 Guideline for Class 12:

Only center managers and mobile app operators are permitted to bring phones to the test center. No other person appointed to take the exam is accepted.

This year, around 13.50 lakh students have to take the exam for grade 12, of which 6,466,540 are female and the remaining 7,033,693 are male candidates. For the 2021 exam, the number of test centers has been increased to 1,473.

Instructions For Bihar Board 2021 Instructions – Shoes and Socks Are Not Allowed In The Exam Room:

The Bihar Council made it clear that students taking the midterms in 2021 must follow instructions carefully. This year, students will not enter the exam room wearing shoes and socks. The Board of Directors has taken strict steps to prevent fraud. At the same time, every 25 students are assigned a controller for proper supervision. Students are prohibited from carrying electronic devices in the exam room. The board has prepared 10 question sets (A to J) to help prevent paper leakage and fraud.