Buried By The Bernard Season 1

In this bizarre reality series, viewers meet the Bernard family who own and run a funeral home that offers affordable funeral packages so that grieving loved ones can say goodbye at an affordable price.
In this reality series, arguing but wholeheartedly runs their thrifty funeral home and helps bereaved families say goodbye.


The series covers two main genres. That
• Reality (all)
• Reality (documentary)

About the show

The family that runs the Memphis funeral home is the star of the new Netflix series “Buried by the Bernards.”
Debbie Bernard talks about the Home Funeral Display option widely used during the pandemic for the celebration of a socially distant life ceremony at R. Bernard’s Funeral Service on September 1, 2020. The family needed a promotion for their new business, an affordable funeral home that offered a driving service, and Debbie Bernard got the idea.
Miller said no, he wouldn’t do that. But Debbie is Debbie so she made a commitment.

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They filmed the ad, aired it, and then it went viral. And then it went viral again. And then the family behind R. Bernard Funeral Services was asked to appear on Steve Harvey’s television show, and they were featured on HBO and the New York Post. And now the Memphis family has their own reality TV show that will premiere on Netflix on February 12. The people buried at Bernards followed the family for eight episodes between January and March 2020, just before business thrived thanks to the COVID-19 pandemic.

To run a painful business, Bernards is very agile. As Debbie previously said, this is a necessity. He is proud of the opportunity to change the subject when his family comes for church services or funerals. With Debbie’s mastery, you can’t even say that she has stopped talking about something so sad. Debbie engaged in regular conversations with her son Ryan Bernard, funeral home owner and head operator, her grandson Deja Bernard, and Miller, Ryan’s uncle, and became a minor spokesperson, despite describing himself as shy. (His second grandson, Reagan Barnard, attended class during the interview.)

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“Everybody says the same thing,” said Ryan. “Your mom is crazy. She’s so funny. We can all play you on TV.”
At first the family disagreed, but when they talked to the regular producer they thought there might be something.

Creating Of The Show

The cameras entered the funeral home in January 2020 and finished in March 2020, with the exception of a few scenes which had to be filmed using COVID-19 logs later this spring.

Release date

The show will air on Netflix on February 12, 2021.