Buried In The Backyard: What's the news about season 3? Get to know about every detail here!

The one thing that Oxygen Media is famous for is bringing in true-crime series. And this style of putting out content hasn’t gotten old either. Oxygen has always managed to keep the series unique and fresh. This type of specialization started to happen back in 2017, and since then tremendous shows like “Snapped”, “Killer Couples” and “Cold Justice” have been produced. But among all these great shows ” Buried In The Backyard ” has made a name for itself. Who wouldn’t be fascinated to watch a show which deals with the discovery of corpses found in the strangest of places? When they are discovered, there is an investigation to find out about the crime and those who are guilty.

Who is in the show?

Each episode of the series is focused on explaining a new crime story so it is not possible to have a steady cast. Sadie Medley is the presenter of the show and she is the one who stays constant. The name will probably be familiar because Sadie is a well-known voice actor and she is perfect for guiding the story through terrible events. Aside from her, each episode has a different set of police officers who were engaged with the crime and were helping with the investigations. The show also spends some time in interviewing the family of the victims. If there is another season, the presenter of the previous seasons will definitely be returning.

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What is the story behind the show?

This show has brought to focus some of the most terrifying and gruesome murders ever committed. From the name, you may be able to guess that many of the corpses are discovered in the backyards of different houses. The episode consists of the discovery of the corpse, identifying the victim, and solving the case.

When will the new season be here?

The second season was out on 13th May 2019, so the audience has been waiting for a long time. Considering the success of the previous seasons, it is to be expected that the show will have another season as the network shouldn’t be objecting. There’s good news! The show has indeed been renewed by the network. The new season will be released on 3rd September on Oxygen.