Cable girls season 5

‘Cable Girls’, also recognized as ‘Las Chicas del Cable’, became Netflix’s first Spanish original. With the 1st season set inside the 1920s, the show told the empowering story of 5 young women who were running as the titular cable ladies attempting to set up independent lives.

Over the past 4 seasons, the show moved from the 1920’s to the 30’s, chronicling political activities in Spain of the era whilst also making the characters deal with the drama and tension in their lives.

Cable girls season 5 Release date:

The first part of Season 5 will be released on February 14th, 2020.

Cable girls season 5 Plot

The fifth season may be set amidst the Spanish Civil War which passed off between 1936 and 1939. At the last of Season 4, Angeles was shot ded. Her pals Carlota and Oscar fled Madrid after Carlota turned into framed for the murder of a politician. Meanwhile, Lidia (formerly Alba) uninterested in Carlos’s incapability to rise up to his mom Dona Carmen — who in Season 4 endangered the lifestyles of their children going to America with Francisco, her formative year’s sweetheart.

In Season 5, it will likely be Angeles’s daughter who reunites the friends in Spain. Nothing more predicted as for the plot of cable girls.

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Cable girls season 5 Cast

Blanca Suarez: is a Spanish actress acknowledged for her roles in ‘Cable Girls’, ‘El Internado’, and ‘El Barco’. She plays the character of Lidia on ‘Cable Girls’.

Ana Fernández García: is a Spanish actress regarded for her paintings on ‘Cable Girls’. She plays the role of Carlota.

Nadia de Santiago is a Spanish actress known for her roles in ‘Las 13 Rosas’ and ‘Cable Girls’. She performs the role of Marga.

Ana María Polvorosa: is a Spanish actress greatly recognized for her roles in ‘Cable Girls’ and ‘Aida’. She performs the role of Oscar.

The show also stars Martiño Rivas as Carlos, Yon González as Francisco and Ángela Cremonte as Elisa.

Cable girls season 5 Creators

The show was created in efforts of Ramón Campos (‘Grand Hotel’, ‘High Seas’), Gema R. Neira (‘Grand Hotel’, ‘High Seas’) and Teresa Fernández-Valdés (‘Grand Hotel’, ‘Velvet Collection’).This some something great is expected from the team,hope then lean upon our wish.