Netflix has developed the liberties to publish the Luxembourg corruption cliff-hanger Capitani, which will come on Netflix in most countries from February 2021.
A crime series follows a detective north to Luxembourg to a rural village where a young girl disappears. In big culture shock, Detective Luke Capitani settles in the city and becomes an outsider.

While there are only a few reviews available on IMDb for the series, it currently contains 8.6 / 10.The series first aired on RTL in 2019.

Thierry Faber, who played the showrunner in season 1, told Netflix, which took over the series:

The first season consists of 12 episodes and will fully debut on Netflix on February 11, 2021. You can find it in our US preview of what will air on Netflix in February 2021. We also saw the series, which is slated for release in the UK and Australia. The show will appear at the end of the Netflix app.

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Will the second season of Capitani be on Netflix?

A second season of the show has already been ordered from Samsa Film, according to a newsletter which said photos for a second season are being prepared and the goal is to start shooting in mid-March 2021.

While it hasn’t been confirmed that Netflix will get a second season, it’s to be expected. Assuming the second season airs in Luxembourg in 2022, we hope the series will hit Netflix soon, but we’ll keep you updated as we learn more.