The Mess You Leave Behind

What is ‘The Mess You Leave Behind’?

The announcement by Netflix of the new Spanish series last month highlighted the aim of the platform to diversify its palette in the country, once again betting on Carlos Montero, one of its own. After co-writing ‘Elite’ in Season 2, and soon to be in a third set, Montero jumped to the chair of the director to adapt his novel ‘The Mess You Leave Behind’ on a small screen.

A story from a lit teacher who takes up a substitute position in a little town in the interior of Galicia was the novel that received the Primavera Literature Award from Montero. Her predecessor, Elvira, soon found out she had taken suicide. However, since Raquel gets closer to those who knew Elvira, the truth is more confusing about her death. The themes of personal loss, grief and guilt are the subject of a thriller.

What can we expect from the plotline?

The book is unfortunately not available in English, but we will have to watch this series in a few months. In the center of Galicia is a book, and thus the series. This is also the home of Ourense writer Montero.

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Raquel’s the story. She’s a professor, who replaces another professor. Her predecessor appears to have committed suicide. But she did? But did she? As soon as Raquel temporarily starts her job and contacts those who know her predecessor, the story becomes more confusing.

This story tells the story of a small village in Galicia, but also of school life and the relationship between teachers and students. The series itself will have some thriller and dramatic aspects, according to Montero. Therefore I expect a great deal of tension. Look forward! Look forward!

The cast of the show!

“El desorden que dejas” is the role of Tamar Novas. The casting team of this series comes from Spain and the Americas. In the show, we find the role played by the Alta Mar, Fariña, who is Raquel’s husband. Arón Piper ÉLITE plays the character of a high school student, Lago. 

The release date of the show?

Stage 1 of The Mess You Left Behind has not yet been confirmed but it is expected to stream in the first half of 2020. The latest developments are posted on us.