castlevania season 4

Video game lovers would know about the horror game called “Castlevania”. Konami had created aa well aa developed it and by now, the game has been released on the various platforms both old and new. The adult animated series with the same name is based on that popular videogame. We have 3 seasons till now and season 1 and 2 were based on the third game of the Castlevania franchise, named “Castlevania III: Dracula’s Curse”. Those seasons are focused on Trevor and Sypha and their mission to protect the nation from Dracula. The third season also has characters from “Castlevania: The Curse of Darkness”.

This animated series has been created and written by Warren Ellis. The team of directors includes Sam Deats, Spencer Wan, and AdanDeats. The series consists of 22 episodes till now with each episode running for about half an hour. Netflix premiered this show on 7th July 2017 and the show has managed to get mostly positive reviews since then. While the gory aspect of Castlevania might feel uncomfortable to some, but the chemistry between the cast and the awesome script will have an overall positive effect. Perhaps Castlevania is one of the shows on Netflix which can boast of the slickest animation style.

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Many viewers prefer to watch the show in its original language with English subtitles on, but the show has such a talented cast available for dubbing. Even though the wait in between the release dates of the season has not been short, the show is worth it.

What about the renewal of the show?

Such a popular show was always expected to have a renewal and we were right in making such assumptions. Netflix has indeed renewed the series for another season. It is unusual for a show to gather more viewers for season 3 than season 2 but Castlevania has actually managed to do just that. The expectations are high for the fourth season but the creators will definitely deliver as they have before.

The cast

Its time for us to take a look at the returning cast members.
Richard Armitage as Trevor Belmont
James Callis as Alucard
Theo James as Hector
Alejandra Reynoso as SyphaBelnades