The Queen’s Gambit: What do we know about this show? Get to know all about it here!

The Queen’s Gambit

Scott Frank and Allan Scott have developed this show called “The Queen’s Gambit”. It is an upcoming American show which is adapted from a novel. The name of the novel is also “The Queen’s Gambit” and it was written by Walter Tevis. Scott Frank has directed this series. The team of executive producers includes Scott … Read more

HameFura: Will there be a second season? Get to know about all the details here!

HameFura Season 2

HameFura is originally a Japanese light novel series that is adapted into an anime. Satoru Yamaguchi has written the novels and they are illustrated by Nami Hidaka. Silver Link has adapted the novels into an anime with the same name and the anime has made its debut from April of this year. Keisuke Inoue has … Read more

Princess Agents: Will we ever get a part two? Get to know about it all here!

The Chinese series “Princess Agents” is actually based on a novel called “11 Chu Te Gong Huang Fei”. It was written by Xiao Xiang Dong Er. It was released on 5th June. The first season ended in a cliffhanger so the fans are expecting a second part to come out soon. What is the story … Read more

This Is Us: Will there be a season 5? Get to know about everything here!

This Is Us Season 5

Dan Fogelman has created the family drama series called “This Is Us”. The show made its debut on NBC and it was released on 20th September 2016. The show is focused on the lives of two parents and their children. It takes place in various different time frames. The whole series has done its filming … Read more

Cells at work: Will there be a second season? Get to know about it right here!

Cells at work season 2

Cells At Work is also known by its Japanese name, that is, Hataraku Saibo. This comedy anime, like most anime, is also based on a Manga series. The manga series is written by Akane Shimizu. Shimizu has the job of illustrating it too. The manga first came out on 26th January of 2015. To date, … Read more

Laid Back Camp: Will we get a second season? Get to know about recent updates right here!

Laid Back Camp Season 2

As it is with most anime series, Laid Back Camp was a manga series originally. The manga series was created bu Afro. The Laid Back Camp has another name in Japanese- Yurukyan. The amazing manga was published back in 2015. It became an instant hit in Japan and then C-station made planned for its anime … Read more

Knights of The Zodiac: Saint Seiya: Will there be a third season? Get to know about recent updates here!

Saint Seiya

This animated series is based on a manga series named Saint Seiya. Masami Kurumada was the creator of the series. This web series is directed by Yoshiharu Ashino. Many of the anime fans were a bit skeptical when Netflix stated that it wanted to remake the 80s classic “Saint Seiya: Knights of the Zodiac”. But … Read more

Eureka Seven Hi-Evolution 3: What do we know about it? Get to know about the release date and everything else!

Eureka Seven Hi-Evolution 3

Eureka Seven is a famous anime with a long history. The show has also won many awards. It is called Kokyoshihen Eureka Sebun in Japanese. Bones anime studio has produced the famous Eureka Seven and it made its debut on 17th April 2005. This anime is more than a decade old and it’s the first … Read more

Unorthodox: Will there be a season 2? Get to know everything here!

unorthodox season 2

The show named Unorthodox might be the first show to be set in Yiddish that features on Netflix. It is a German-American miniseries. The show tells us the story of Etsy who has seemingly abandoned her roots. The first season came out this year in March and people have been binge-watching all the episodes at … Read more

Challenger: The Final Flight: Learn about the new show on Netflix!

Challenger The Final Flight

The show “Challenger: The Final Flight” is a docuseries by Netflix based on the tragic events of 28th January 1986. On that fateful day, the life of two astronauts and Two Payload specialists were sacrificed due to the destruction of the space shuttle named Challenger. The shuttle had blown apart instantly killing the four people. … Read more