Toradora!: Will this anime have a second season? Get to know everything about it!

Like most animes, Toradora 1 started as a light novel. This light novel series was created by Yuyuko Takemiya and the illustrations were done by Yasu. The anime, which is based on these novels, is directed by Tatsuyuki Nagai. The animation studio called J.C Staff is producing it. The show only has one season till … Read more

The Neighborhood: Will there be a season 3? Find out all about it here!

neighborhood season 3

Jim Reynolds has created the sitcom series called “The Neighborhood”. This show made its debut on 1st October 2018. It was broadcast on the CBS network. This sitcom is about a Midwestern family as they manage to shift to a predominantly African American neighborhood. This is all about their experiences as they shift to Pasadena, … Read more

Criminal: Will there be a second season? Get to know everything here!

Criminal season 2

This ambitious drama was released by Netflix in2019. The police procedural drama has a first season consisting of 12 episodes. They all came out at the same time, so viewers had the option to binge-watch all of them. This series has standalone episodes that consist of police interrogations. Every episode shows the investigators try to … Read more

South Park: What about season 24? Get to know about all the details here!

south park season 24

Trey Parker and Matt Stone have created an American situational comedy named “South Park”. It is developed by Brian Graden for broadcasting in Comedy Central. This series is popular because of the dark humor and surrealistic depictions. South Park is by no means for kids and the satirical content is mainly targeted for a mature … Read more

Minions: The Rise of Gru! Welcome back the minions to your screens!

If you were asked about the highest-grossing animated franchise right now, you might answer “Toy Story”. Even though Toy Story has been around for many years, it still could not beat the minions! The Toy Story franchise is lagging behind and the gap is as huge as $700 million. Ano, what’s more, the minions will … Read more

Pandora: Will there be a season 2? Find out everything here!

Pandora Season 2

Mark A. Altman and Steve Kriozere have created the science fiction show called “Pandora” which comes on The CW. The show has made its debut on 16th July 2019. The response for the first season wasn’t all positive. A critic named Daniel Fienberg of The Hollywood Reporter did not like the show saying that it … Read more

The Simpsons: When will season 32 release? Get to know all about it right here!

The Simpsons Season 32

Matt Groening had created an animated series called “The Simpsons” and today, everyone knows the name of this dysfunctional family. He had created the show for The Fox Broadcasting Company. The Simpson family depicts a satirical narrative of the working-class family. The show is based on the titular family consisting of Bart, Lisa, Homer, Marge, … Read more

Shrill: Will there be a third season? Get to know all the recent details here!


Shrill is a show which is inspired by a novel called “Shrill: Notes from a loud woman”. It was written by Lindy West and was published back in 2016. The show “Shrill” made its debut on Hulu on 15th March 2019. The first season was successful enough for the network to renew the show. Shrill … Read more

So Much Love To Give: When will it finally release? Get to know about all the details here!

So Much Love To Give

So Much Love To Give is also known as “Corazon Loco”. This is a Netflix comedy which might give the audience a slight vibe of “The Other Woman”. The Argentinian comedy follows the life of Fernando Ferro. He is trying to handle upholding two homes at the same time. He has to come to terms … Read more

These movies will start production work soon! Get to know more about them!


Everyone who is interested in entertainment news knows how hard the pandemic has hit the TV and movie industry.  In the month of March, every work on production was hut down but things are beginning to look up right now. Many of the shows and films are slowing coming back to life and cameras are … Read more