Central Park Season 2

Loren Bouchard, Nora Smith, and Josh Gad have created the terrific animated situational comedy called “Central Park”. The series aired on Apple TV+. It was first premiered on 29th May of 2020. The show is centered around a family that must protect the land from a greedy developer. The first season has 10 episodes with each episode having a duration of almost half an hour. Kevin Larsen is the producer of the show. The series has gathered quite a fan following. The first season just ended and already the fans are eager and ready for another installment of Central Park. That show has been a great source of entertainment for people trapped in lockdown. The animated family in New York didn’t fail to amuse the audience along with the ten episodes.

What about the second season?

The fans of Central Park will be glad to know that the show has been renewed for more seasons, so the story will not have to end with season 1. The network had given permission for two more seasons way back in 2018. The upcoming seasons will have 13 episodes each. The show is a favorite among viewers as well as critics, It is no little thing to have a 92% rating on Rotten Tomatoes. So, it was always expected that Central Park will be making a return someday. But confirmation is always comfortable for the fans.

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There is no official date of release yet, but we expect the new season will be released soon. That is no surprise as the coronavirus pandemic has delayed many shows and changed their schedules. The series will definitely not be returning this year, it may reach our screen by the spring of 2021. But, if we are being realistic, it may be that the season 2 of Central Park is released sometime around the summer of next year.

There will an important conversation about white people being hired to play the roles of black people, so it is not certain that Kristin Bell will be returning as Molly Tillerman. But the rest of the cast will be making a return for season 2.