Chainsaw Man Chapter 87

Tatsuki Fujimoto has written and illustrated the Japanese manga series “ Chainsaw Man”. Since December 2018, it has been serialized in Shueisha’s Weekly Shonen Jump Magazine. It’s particular chapters have been compiled into eight tankobon volumes as of August 2020.

Genres of the manga series include Action, Horror, and Dark Fantasy. Till August 2020 eight volumes have been released. In North America, Viz Media permitted the manga for the English language to publish. In October 2020, its first volume has been released.

When will Chapter 87 of Chainsaw Man be Released?

The chapter 87 of Chainsaw Man is Slated to be broadcasted on 4th October 2020 at 12 am in the 44th issue of the year Weekly Shonen Jump magazine.

The Plotline

The tale is established in a world where Devils cause damage to humans, which makes them a victim for extermination. A young man Denji was depressed and has sold many of his organs and laborers as a tree cutter and devil hunter to pay back his dead father’s debt to loan Sharks (Yakuza).

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Denji inhabits a dog called Pochita which is also a devil that has the standard qualities of a chainsaw and is used by Denji for his work. Humans can make contracts with devils. After returning to the cottage from killing a tomato monster, Denji gets called by the Yakuza to go into a building to kill another monster. However, as it arises, the Yakuza called Denji to allow a zombie devil to kill Denji, and in return, the zombie devil would give the yakuza more power, which would let them make more money.

After Denji is killed and Pochita is harshly wounded by the monster, Pochita merges with Denji and as a result, Denji’s wounds heal and get renewed as a half-human, half-devil, developing Pochita’s chainsaw skills. Denji then uses the skills to murder the zombie devil that originally killed him.

After killing the monster, a team of governmental monster hunters comes on the scene, and after finding that the devil was already killed by Denji, one of its members convinces Denji to become part of the governmental monster-hunting organization the team belongs to.

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Let’s have a look over the characters

  •  Denji
  •  Makima
  •  Aki Hawakaya
  •  Power
  •  Pochita
  •  Katana Man / Samurai Sword
  •  Reze
  •  Gun Devil