Chainsaw Man Chapter 92

Chainsaw Man Chapter 92

You could spend many hours losing out, literally thousands of crazy, wacky, and awesome mangas, but there isn’t much that’s as unique as Chainsaw Man. Since it began production in December 2018, the terror-comedy manga has been a favorite of fans and has become one of the best-known shows in the world. This is a full breakdown of the release date, time, and potential spoilers from raw scans circulating in social media for Chainsaw Man chapter 92.

When will Chainsaw Man Chapter 92 premiere?

This is in accordance with the official schedule for the Shonen Jump section of Viz Media. The release of Chainsaw Man, chapter 92, on Sunday 8 November 2020 is now planned.

Chainsaw Man Chapter 92: International timings

According to Japanese Standard Time (JST), Chainsaw Man Chapter 92 will air at midnight.  If the date and time of this release remain correct, we can expect to receive English translations for international hearings at the following times.

  • Pacific Time: (Sunday, November 8, 2020) 9 A.M.
  • Central Time:  (Sunday, November 8, 2020) 11 A.M.
  • Eastern Time: (Sunday, November 8, 2020) 12 P.M.
  • British Time: (Sunday, November 8, 2020) 5 P.M.
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Chainsaw Man Chapter 92: Spoiler alert!

This week Power got the goodbye it deserved and we probably won’t see Power anymore. Finally, Denji is back with Kishibe planning to save him. But it’s not certain whether Denji will take on his offer really or whether he’s going to meet Makima. Makima won’t be glad Denji ‘s return. She won’t be glad that she was being challenged by the devil-like Power who feared her. Perhaps Makima could start feeling that her situation loses control and her power could decrease. This might give Denji and Kishibe a good opportunity to team up and try to get them down.

We don’t know what’s Kishibe’s plan, but he could send Denji to the foreign countries for security because Makima’s power and influence could be assumed not to be especially strong outside Japan. However, the scenario seems to be more likely, since it is announced that Chainsaw man has entered the last stage of the confrontation with Makima. So the manga could end quite soon. Many users expect it to end in or around chapter 100. It is most likely given that the previous Fire Punch work of Fujimoto was only 75 chapters in length.