Chainsaw Man Chapter 96

Chapter 95 was really messy and brutal, the gruesome scenes and illustrations are better than ever. What’s up guys, in this blog we will provide information on the scheduled release dates of Chapter 96 of Chainsaw Man, as well as where to read the most officially published chapters.

What Is The Manga “Chainsaw Man” Is About??

This is the story of an ordinary boy named Denji. His life changed when his father died. It was later revealed that his father worked for the yakuza. And after his father’s died, Denji had to pay all of his debts to work for the yakuza. There he met Pochita (a demon who is afraid of chainsaws). Then Denji died for unfortunate reasons but found that the Yakuza was possessed by a demon.
To save Denji’s life, Pochita became his heart. And now he can use a chainsaw to turn Denji into a demon. He finally met Makima, who allowed him to join the public security hunter.

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Chainsaw Man Chapter 96: Is It On Delay??

Fortunately not, The Chainsaw Man Chapter 96 did not slow down. The Head of last week experienced a slight delay on the release date. This time the manga followed its original weekly schedule. Check out Webbies World for further updates on the latest version of the anime/manga.

Latest Updates And Spoilers Of “Chainsaw Man” Chapter 96

At the time of writing, spoilers for Chainsaw Man Chapter 96 online haven’t published. The major spoilers are anticipated to be disclosed around the 23rd when the fresh scans are published.

Release Date

Chainsaw Man chapter 96 will be released on December 6, 2020. Fans are excited to see how the story will unfold after Makima ripped Pochita from Denji’s lifeless body. For more information stay tuned with us on release dates.

Where To Read All The Latest Chapters Of “Chainsaw Man”??

All Chainsaw Man Manga chapters, including Chainsaw Man Chapter 96, are available for free on Viz Media and Mangaplus. We hardly denounce the usage of streaming anime or browsing manga on unofficial websites. A new chapter is published every Monday / Sunday. Well, that’s today’s blog for today. I hope you like it,