Challenger The Final Flight

The show “Challenger: The Final Flight” is a docuseries by Netflix based on the tragic events of 28th January 1986. On that fateful day, the life of two astronauts and Two Payload specialists were sacrificed due to the destruction of the space shuttle named Challenger. The shuttle had blown apart instantly killing the four people.

When will the Challenger come out?

This new show will be consisting of four parts and according to reports, the new show ill be here on 16th September. Netflix subscribers will be able to take a trip down in history and revisit the journey that was planned to reach the cosmos. But as people now know, the plan ended very differently. The event was ultimately a source of devastation. The people involved in the mission were Judith Resnik, Ronald McNair, Ellison Onizuka, Gregory Jarvis, and Micheal J. Smith.

Is there a trailer?

Fortunately yes, there is a trailer for the Challenger. The trailer gives an insider view into the lives of those seven crew members. It even touches upon the NASA member who allowed the use of the space shuttle even when they knew that the shuttle has many issues. The fateful accident has been covered from different vantage points in this show. The heartwarming visuals of the friends and families of the crew members as they share their stories and personal memories is really devastating to watch. All of their loved ones make sure that they are never forgotten.

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Glen Zipper is the executive producer of the show. He has said to the EW that even though the memories of the Challenger incident is embedded into the consciousness of the nation, it is important that the Challenger mission is remembered for causes other than a source of pain and loss. The seven crew members who unfortunately lost their lives have left behind their significant contributions.

The tragedy taught us the reason for the failures and it is our duty to ensure that these kinds of failures never happen again. The seven heroes remain in the nation’s memories as sources of education and inspiration. Organizations that are devoted to space exploration will always remember them.