Chaos Walking


Lionsgate is now ready to release a science fiction film based on the Patrick Ness novel series of the same name. Lionsgate acquired the rights to adapt the book starting in 2011. The announcement of the film’s production came in 2016 and much has been expected since then. Considered a competitor and compared to films such as Twilight, The Hunger Games and Divergent in terms of acceptance. The book series is a trilogy that focuses on activities in the world of fiction. has won numerous children’s literature awards, including the 2008 Custodian Award and the Costa Children’s Book Award. Although the previous release date was March 2019, the release has been postponed to accommodate a new, larger addition.

Chaos Walking Release Date: When Will It Air?

Chaos Walking started shooting in mid-2017 and filming finished by the end of the year. However, in April 2018 it was announced that they would make several remakes of the addition. Finally the film’s aired date has been suspended. Finally, all adjustments were allowed and Lionsgate set January 2021 as the film’s release date.

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Chaos Walking Plot

As previously mentioned, the film is based on the first book in Patrick Ness’ trilogy, The Knife of Never Letting Go, written in 2008. This novel supports Todd Hewitt’s story; Todd grew up as the only boy in an all-male society. All members of this society are infected with a disease called noise. This “noise” completely wiped out the female population and made others hear the thoughts of others and the thoughts of animals. When Todd grew up, he was sure things were wrong and fled the city. With his dog he met a girl whose mind couldn’t read her mind. They work together and find the true story of their world while avoiding attacks from Todd’s colony.

Chaos Walking: Who Will Attend?

Information returned about the role includes:
• Actor Tom Holland will star, alongside Todd Hewitt.
• Actress Daisy Ridley will play Viola Eid, the female protagonist of Walking Chaos.
• Mads Mickelsen plays the evil David Prentiss, Mayor of Prentiss.
• Nick Jonas plays the mayor’s son
• David Oyelow plays pastor in the city of Prentiss.
• Damian Beecher and Kurt Sutter play Todd’s parents.
• Oscar Gennada played the role of wanderer Wilf.