Boruto Chapter 52

Hi friends, in this post we’ll talk about Boruto chapter 52. We’ve included details about the new version of chapter 52 and where you can officially read it. Spoilers, leaks, and raw scans of Boruto Chapter 52 are also included in this series, including sources to read online. So, scroll through the article to get all information.

Don’t ignore the fact that Boruto is the most famous manga series. Also, few cartoons are as popular as Boruto. It got really hot in the release of the previous chapter.
With the release of Ishiki’s master plan, things get really tense as most of the plans depend on Boruto’s death. With the release of Naruto’s new uniform, fans are full of nipples to learn more about Boruto Chapter 52. So let’s get started without delay.

Is the Series “Boruto” Delayed?

No, there is no delay in Chapter 52 of “Boruto”.

Release Date

There are currently no updates for any glitches or delays. Boruto’s Schedule Chapter 52 will be released on November 20, 2020.

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Major Spoilers and Leaks

Till now, no Spoilers and Leaks have been released regarding Chapter 52 of “Boruto”. But don’t worry we will posts leaks and spoilers as soon as the article is out. Major leaks and spoilers for Boruto Chapter 52 will be released around November 15, 2020.

Where can we read “Boruto” in all chapters?

You can read Boruto 52 on the VIZ Weekly Shonen Jump website. In addition, the latest chapters are free to read as soon as they appear on the VIZ media. It will help manga creators, so please use this official manga reading platform. We strongly condemn the use of illegal streaming websites for reading manga or watching anime.

About The Anime

Boruto Manga first appeared in Weekly Shonen Jump in May 2016 and has since appeared in V Jump. This series was not originally written by the writer Naruto that is Kishimoto Masashi.
However, it was written by Ukyo Kodachi and focuses on Boruto’s story. At the moment, 51 episodes have been aired on the manga, and 52 episodes of Boruto’s manga will be released shortly. A new chapter appears every month.
An official trailer has also been released.