Cherish the Day Season 2

Cherish the Day Season 2

Cherish the Day is a romantic series of anthologies on OWN. The first season, created by Ava DuVernay, follows a pair’s intimate voyage over five years. The unique format has chronicled episodes with a special time in lovebird life.

Cherish the day will return with more!

For the first time in the season, Raynelle Swilling and Teri Schaffer have been replaced by their co-ePs from Tanya Hamilton for a second season at OWN. As a result, seven months after the end of the eight-episode series ended, the news about the renovation is out. And, the first season and the production continues in season 5 as the other DuVernay OWN series, Queen Sugar

Each “Cherish the Day” season reviews one couple’s relationship, and each episode takes a single day together in their lives. Stage 2 will feature a new love story for a brand new couple with a new cast. The narration unfolds in a relationship that obliges us, from the extraordinary to every day, to hold true to the ones who we love. Soon, production will take place for the second season.

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Meanwhile, in the first season, Eván Fisher (Alamo Miller) was telling the story of the blissful romance between free-spirited Gent James (Xosha Roquemore). The fictitious movie grand dame Miss Luma Lee Langston was held for a season over five years as well as the iconic Cicely Tyson.

The cast of ‘Cherish The Day’

  • Xosha Roquemore as Gently James
  • Alano Miller as Evan Fisher
  • Cicely Tyson as Miss Luma Lee Langston
  • Michael Beach as Ben
  • Anne-Marie Johnson as Marilyn
  • Kellee Stewart as Ellene

But, when will Season 2 premiere?

On February 11, 2020, on OWN at 10 PM ET, Cherish the Day Season 1 premiered. The first season ended on 24th March 2020 with its eight episodes. The opening ceremony premiered in February for two nights. On February 12, 2020, it returned again at 8 p.m. ET after its debut on February 11. As a result, seven months after the end of the eight-episode series ended, the news about the renovation is out.

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Stage 1 follows the romantic journey of the pair of featured lives for five years, each episode focusing on one day of the relationship between their city of Angel. Each day brings new experiences, moments, heartbreaks, deceptions, and troubles. The show is designed in an anthology format and each season features a different pair. The creators had already taken into consideration several seasons. As a result, we welcome the announcement of renewals in the next few weeks. And, we think Cherish will premier Day season 2 in February 2021.