Christina on The Coast Season 3

Christina Anstead has been hosting a home renovation TV show called “Christina on The Coast” for quite a few years now. The series revolves around properties situated in South Carolina. This reality show premiered on HGTV on May 23rd, 2019 and since then we have 2 seasons of the series. Fans already want to know whether their favorite interior designer will be back on their screens. There is good news indeed for the network has already announced that there will be a season 3.
But that’s not all folks! HGTV’s prominent star will be back sooner than that it seems like the second half of season 2 will be here in August. It’s just as well because it has been almost six months since the last episode and fans must be feeling deprived by now!

When will adorable Anstead be back?

Christina got her first taste of fame from the series Flip or Flop with her ex-husband TarekEl Moussa. Although the couple isn’t exactly out of business, Christina got a chance to show off her remodeling capabilities with her very own “Christina on The Coast”. The audience gets to know her aesthetic and they get improvement tips too.
Season 2 of the reality series aired back in January 2020. Fortunately, the network HGTV has confirmed the release date of the remaining episodes of Season 2. The next six episodes will be here on 6th August and will start at 9 p.m. Her devoted fans will get to see Anstead and her family which now includes a baby with her current husband Ant Anstead.

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What about Season 3 though?

While we enjoy the second half of Season 2, Anstead will be getting back to work on the production of the next season. Season 3 will continue to focus on the incredibly talented Anstead as she manages her personal and professional life, the design business and also writing books. But that’s not all, season 1 and 2 had half-hour long episodes but Season 3 will contain 12 episodes with each episode spanning for an hour!
Christina Anstead is extremely excited to get back to filming and she already has some excellent clients lined up for her projects. Say no more, Anstead fans are already excited!