Citroen C5

Since 2017, the Citroën C5 Aircross has been a compact SUV crossover made by Citroën, the French manufacturer. It began as a concept car of Citroën Aircross, unveiled at the Shanghai 2015 Auto Show. At the 2017 Shanghai Auto Show, the Chinese market’s production version was officially presented. In autumn 2017, sales began in China.

The model was presented at the 2018 Genève Motor Show in Europe. The sales started at the end of 2018. The C5 Aircross was also launched in 2018 at the PSA plant in Rennes in France.

How Citroen C5 SUV intends to dismantle Hyundai

French carmaker Citroen unveiled exactly a year ago that it was entering the Indian automotive industry. C5 Aircross SUV plans to be offered first by 2021. The SUV segment, for example, Jeep Compass and Hyundai Tucson, takes some of the big names when it is launched. Citroen confirmed that the C5 Air cross SUV is not going to be produced in India. It will actually come through the CKD route. Cubed products, however, will be ‘Made in India’ cars with a target of 90% localization.

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It has still not been confirmed whether the C5 Aircross hybrid plug-in is going to be included. Citroen has assured us that it will produce EV of all cars by 2025. The Citroen C5 Aircross SUV is designed to sell their cars with a new, human-centered car buying and owning experience for the Indians. Recently, Ahmedabad has opened its first showroom. The dealer approach of Citroen India vows to be slightly different from other companies. All these innovations were said to be India’s first projects.

What is ‘La Maison’?

The initiatives will be linked to La Maison. In 2017, La Maison was launched in France. This concept exists in more than 100 locations around the world to make car purchasing experience quite attractive and digitally immersive. From the outset, the dealers have adopted the new model and “La Maison” branding. La Maison, which means ‘home’ in French, uses a warm and inviting atmosphere with wood and earthy shades accentuated by luminous highlights. Since the company is new to India, Citroen has advocated relatively shorter but digitized showrooms.

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The company provides a highly online digital system through which users can customize their cars at home and then perform the set-up in the showroom. The objective is to guarantee excellent customer experience, driven primarily by digital tools.