Classroom of the Elite Season 2

Light novels mostly focus on middle or high school students. The classroom of the Elite does this seamlessly. ShōgoKinugasa has written the manga and ShunsakuTomose has illustrated it. The manga has been adapted into an anime series, which has been created by Lerche. Seiji Kishi and Hiroyuki Hashimoto are the directors of the show. The show gives us a whole new perspective about the school, and that is what makes it so attractive to viewers. The manner of testing the students is also unique, they are not just dependent on tests or written exams.

What is the plot?

Tokyo Metropolitan Advanced Nurturing School is built by the Japanese Government to create the best generation of people that will guide the country in the future. They aim to achieve this by presenting the students with high levels of freedom that can create real-life conditions. KiyotakaAyanokōji is one of the “inferior” students of Class D, whose circumstances change after meeting two of his fellow students. Student’s problems are not just restricted to the completion of the curriculum but also on challenges outside the classrooms. Fans have adored the show and the first season proved to be a great investment. Only 3 manga books have been used up as material for the anime which leaves about 12 volumes that is yet to be adapted.

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Is there another season?

As we have mentioned earlier, there is more than enough content for adaptation so there are reasonable explanations for another season. In 2017, viewers got the first season and it contained 12 episodes. But there is no official date of release yet. Fans can expect the new season to be released by this year or the next.
If the show continues to follow the plot of the manga series, the viewers can expect group battles on the cruise ship. The groups may be divided concerning their zodiac signs, the battles are not only for survival. They will also test the mental strength of each group.