Aunty Donna’s Big Ol’ House of Fun

Aunty Donna, an Australian comedy group, will visit your nearby TV soon. It doesn’t judge which phone, laptop, iPad, or streaming device you have. Aunty Donna is an absurd Australian comedy group from Melbourne.

The group includes Mark Samual Bonano, Brodon Kelly, and Zachary Rouen writer and actor. Director and screenwriter Sam Lingham, director Max Miller and composer Tom Armstrong. The group was first formed in Victoria after meeting at uni. The former performers also include Adrian Dean and Joe Koskywith careers in law and musical theatre. The group has participated in the Edinburgh Fringe Festival, the Melbourne International Comedy Festival, and the Melbourne Fringe Festival. As of October 8, 2020, the YouTube channel has over 300,000 subscribers and over 60,000,000 views.

About the Show

The series was produced by Ed Helms. Ed Helms had even convinced to be the guest star of the shenanigans. Netflix promises that this series will have “satire, parodies, clever puns, groundbreaking music, and more.”

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Origin of the Series

Aunt Donna was founded in 2011 after members met at the Ballarat University Academy of Arts. In 2019, the group is using GSC on 16 new private groundbreaking Glennridge Secondary College, funded and supported by Screen Australia. It will be hosted on YouTube every week starting February 20, 2019. Glenridge Secondary College: Prom Night Tour begins in July 2019.
In 2020, Aunty Donna announced that he would appear in the original Netflix series titled Aunty Donna’s Fun House, Big Ol.

Release Date

The Surrealist Sketch Group will debut on Netflix on November 11, 2020, with Aunty Donna’s new six-part series Big Ol ‘House of Fun.


There’s a crazy trailer featuring a talking dishwasher, peanut liqueur, and vampire Strange Al Yankovich.


This organization was elected for an ARIA and the Glenridge Secondary College web series. Also, it was nominated for an AACTA. Entertainment House “Big Ol’s Aunty Donna” is Netflix’s latest Australian film, followed by two specials. Tideland, Lunatics, Izzy Bees Koala World, Hannah Gadsby Nanette, and Douglas. Another film, the drama Clickbait, was filmed in Melbourne when filming was halted due to a closed epidemic.