Mighty Express

The Series was produced by Spin Master Entertainment in collaboration with Netflix. This animation is provided by Atomic Cartoons. Mighty Express US premiere is on September 22, 2020. A particular Christmas show named Mighty Express: A Mighty Christmas will be broadcasted on December 5, 2020. The genre of the show comprises of “Animated Series”. 11 minutes is the running time of the Series.


The series takes place in Tracksville, a city in a reality where adults never exist.  All trains have their own roles and responsibilities in Tracksville. As well as their own equipment and trucks to help them on their adventures. So they always make sure their home becomes a better place. The chariot and the human children live together in peace and harmony.

Major Characters

I) Train:

• Freight Nate voiced by Dylam Shombing
• Mechanic Milo voiced by Leo Orgil
• Brock voiced by Tyler Nathan
• Farmer Faye voiced by Michela Luci
• Rescue Red voiced by Evan Lefeuvre
• Flicker voiced by Ian Ho
• Peoplemover Penny voiced by Annick Obonsawin
• Mandy Mail

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• Super Train voiced by Rob Tinkler

ii) Human:

• Max voiced by Jay Hatton
• Liza voiced by Zoe Hatz
• Nico voiced by Meesha Contreras

• Jubilee voiced by Matilda Simons
• Clay voiced by Benjamin Hum
• May voiced by Lori Phun
• Carrie voiced by Maja Vujicic
• Amanda voiced by Aaliyah Cinello
• Jaden voiced by Adrian Groulx
• Finn voiced by Marcus Cornwall
• Skipper voiced by Chris D’Silva
• Dusty voiced by Millie Davis
• Ivy voiced by Abigail Nicholson
• Marcus voiced by Caleb Bellavance

iii) Animals:

• Popstar Piggies voiced by Bryn McAuley
• Diesel voiced by Rob Tinkler
• Goaty
• Dippers voiced by Dee Bradley Baker
• Cows
• Chompy voiced by Frank Welker

Release Date

Mighty Express: A Mighty Christmas was set hit the screen on 5th December 2020. So, fans are eagerly waiting for the series to hit the screen.