Clique Season 3

Clique is a British thriller television series. Jess Brittain is the creator of the series. The series premiered on 5 March 2017 as part of BBC Three’s online-only schedule and later aired on BBC One. The show became an instant hit on its release. It scored 7/10 in IMDb and got appreciated for its clever plot. The second season of the show premiered in November 2018 on BBC Three Online and BBC One from 15 July 2019.

About the Show:

The story revolves around childhood friends Georgia and Holly. They both get admitted to a University in Edinburgh. Georgia gets into a clique of popular girls. Jude McDermid a lecturer, leads this small elite knit group of girls. The entry of Georgia in this group leaves Holly alone.  Holly gets alarmed by the erratic behavior change in her best friend Georgia after her entry into the clique. She decides to follow Judy’s circle to find out what was going on.

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She discovers seductive and lavish parties, full of Edinburg’s most powerful people. In the midst of all this, she discovers a threat that she has to deal with. However, Holly reaches to the second year of her University life. She becomes famous after her first adventure. In the University, she gets close to yet another clique of elite boys, led by charismatic Jack Yorke. Only, to get deep into a campus-wide scandal. 

Season 3 updates:

BBC has not made any announcements on the release of the third season, but by looking at the ending of the second season, the third season will come back.

Although there is no official date, yet we can assume it to be around in 2021.


  • Aisling Franciosi as Georgia Cunningham
  • Evie Brassington as young Georgia
  • Emma Appleton as Fay Brookstone
  • Louise Brealey as Jude McDermid
  • Emun Elliott as Alistair McDermid
  • Mark Strepan as Rory Sawyer
  • Jack Bannon as James Buxton
  • Chris Fulton as Charlie Lamont-Smith
  • Harris Dickinson as Sam
  • Sorcha Groundsell as Elizabeth Smith
  • Peter Bankole as Mo
  • Kåre Conradi as Lukas Steine
  • Leo Suter as Jack Yorke
  • Barney Harris as Barney Bowen
  • Jyuddah Jaymes as Aubrey Richardson
  • Imogen King as Rayna
  • Stuart Campbell as Fraser
  • Izuka Hoyle as Dani
  • Madeleine Worrall as Agnes Reid
  • Richard Gadd as Ben Howard
  • David Robb as Dean Wentworth
  • Faye Castelow as Hettie
  • Fraser Saunders as Jamie
  • Michael Nardone as Alec McStay