Coming To America

As per reports, there will definitely be a sequel to the film “Coming To America”. The original movie was released way back in1988. The sequel will be directed by Craig Brewer. Kevin Misher and Brian Oliver will produce it. It is the joint effort of Eddie Murphy Productions and New Republic Pictures. The film will be distributed by Paramount Pictures. The plot of this movie will be structured around the events after the original film. The 1988 comedy film featured Eddie Murphy playing Prince Akeem, as he went to America with his servant, Semmi, in tow.

When will the sequel be released?

The sequel is scheduled to release in December of this year. With that date in mind, the production work must not be far off. In this movie, Akeem will learn about his son who lives in America. He is the heir to the throne and Akeem goes to meet him. Viewers might acknowledge the similarity between this plot and that of Black Panther. Maybe the success of Black Panther has inspired the creators of Coming 2 America.

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What is the movie about?

As said before, the film follows the prince Akeem. He finds out about his heir, who resides in America. His father wishes that this heir should be groomed properly, so Akeem sets off to America once again. The announcement of the making of this sequel was done in 2017. They decided then the screenwriters and producers only.

Who will be in the cast?

The film will have a brilliant cast. It includes-

Eddie Murphy as Prince Akeem Joffer. He is the prince of Zamunda. Eddie will also play the role of Randy Watson. Randy is the singer for the band called Sexual Chocolate.

Arsenio Hall will play the role of Semmi. He is Akeem’s servant but his best friend as well.

Jermaine Fowler will play the role of Akeem’s son.

Leslie Jones will play the mother of Lavelle.

Shari Headley will play the role of Lisa McDowell, who is Akeem’s love interest.