Comopop Season 1

Comopop is an animation TV mini-series. A Television program that says a story in a predetermined limited quantity of episodes is known as a mini-series. The genre of the mini-series Comopop is Animation. And it is officially released on 20 September 2019. The official language in which the mini-series had been released in English.

The show was released for its first time in South Korea, USA. Comopop is directed by Brittany Kay Taylor, who was an actress, director as well as a writer. She was known for his work in The Little Francis (2020), Jars (2018), and Miracle child. The mini-series Comopop writing credits also go to Brittany Kay Taylor.

Comopop is the collection of kids songs which includes
• Let’s spin
• I Like Watermelon!
• What can I Do?
• Pretty Flowers
• How Many Legs?
• Let’s Jump
• Ice Cream
• Cloud Family
• Boom, Boom, Clap!
• Let’s meet at the Aquarium
• Hair Salon
• You are my Friend
• Pizza
• Elephant Nose
• Doggy

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When will it be released on Netflix?

Netflix keeps on adding a number of new series and Movies to the watchlist every month. In the coming month, they even release the list of movies and TV shows that are going to be added. And on October 1, 2020, Netflix had spread out the release date of the shows and movies through the first two weeks of October. And among the list of all the web series and new movies that are going to be added on Netflix in October is the Comopop season 1 series. Alone with the Comopop season 1 mini-series Curious Como: Season 1, Good gamer: the beginning, and Pat a Pat Como: season 1 is also being added on Netflix. The show is going to be released on Netflix on 3 October 2020. So the fans of Comopop are eagerly waiting to watch this mini-series.

The top voice casts of the series are:

• Ashley Argota, worked in Nickelodeon hit shows True Jackson as Lulu, and also as Kelly in Bucket and Skinner’s Epic adventures (2011) and in VP (2018).
• Tyler Shamy, who is a music artist, voice-over artist, and songwriter based in Los Angeles, CA. He is considered as an accomplished voice actor with Atlas Talent, his credits include Go! Go! Cory Carson which was released over Netflix.